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Ithaca Freelance Writer, Copywriting, Case Studies, White Papers

Ithaca Freelance Writer, Copywriting, Case Studies, White Papers


 I have written for the Ithaca Times, and am currently the writer/editor of a community magazine published by N2 Publications. I’ve signed a contract which prohibits me from mentioning the name of the publication or putting the articles on my website, but N2 is one of the fastest growing businesses in the publishing industry, and I’m proud to be associated with them.

  I write profiles of local businesses, restaurants, and those folks who make the world a better place by volunteering to plant gardens, host recycling events, organizing a charity swim across the lake, etc.



Ghostwriter Debbie Curtis

Freelance Writer Debbie Curtis

Freelance Writer Debbie Curtis

I have always been intrigued by the idea of ghostwriting. I’ve been writing for a local publication for two years that has a strict confidentiality agreement, and although I have a byline, I do feel rather ‘ghostlike’!

When most people think of ghostwriters, they think of someone writing, for instance, Hillary Clinton’s memoirs. But really, blogging, writing articles for a company to put on their website, blogging, etc., are examples of ghostwriting, too. So I’m your gal for these projects!

Are you a busy CEO with no time to work on a bio for the company newsletter? Or perhaps you need a company profile? I can help you with these and other writing projects. Drop me a line at authordebbiecurtis@gmail.com, or call (607) 220-7736 for a chat about your writing projects.





Palomino Hill Writing Serivces

Welcome! You’ve found my ‘NIAWE’ home. Although I joined last July, I was still working the day job and hadn’t posted anything in the NAIWE blog until today, February 16, 2015. I am in the process of creating a freelance website featuring Palomino Hill Writing Services, and will post that address here when it is finished. My fiction website, http://authordebbiecurtis.jimdo.com, has more information about my books.

As far as freelancing goes, I am focusing on White Papers, Customer Case Studies, and Ghostwriting. I am also writing profiles of people and businesses for N2 Publications, which has 650 publications and is ranked the 17th fastest growing private media company in the U.S.

Resumes are boring. Let me tell you a bit about me and my areas of expertise. I’m fond of saying that I’m living on the corner of ‘Ivy League’ and “Farm Girl’. Growing up on a farm is something I’m proud of. We had cows first, and then filled those stanchions with Shetland Ponies – at times we had over a hundred of them. My family had wagons the ponies pulled in parades, we gave pony rides on Saturdays, and also raced the ponies. That was big back in the sixties! Then, when I was seven, the barn burnt down.

It was a devastating loss. My father, a typical Jack-Of-All-Trades that had survived the depression, was an auctioneer (and a hotel owner, farmer, and car salesman!), and those ponies were auctioned off in the blink of my tear-filled eyes. My parents wouldn’t even let me keep one pony, even though we had other barns, and over a hundred acres of land. Needless to say, they got tired of my constantly asking for a pony. Finally, I got Rebel when I was twelve. I didn’t know how to ride very well, having always been led along by my older sisters. But did I run home and tell my mother that Rebel ran away with me, and then stopped dead so I fell off over his head into the dry creek bed? Of course not! Did I complain when he tried to scrape me off by getting too close to trees? Nope! I was afraid they’d sell him, and I’d waited too long for that darned pony. I didn’t quite know what to do. My sister’s had gotten married by then, so I asked older kids with horses how to stop him when he galloped off with me.

Turns out, when you buy a bridle, it doesn’t automatically fit your pony correctly. I’d been riding around with the bit way too low in his mouth, so no wonder I couldn’t stop him when he ran away with me. I am nothing if not tenacious, and boy, did I learn to ride on that little bugger. I got even better the next year, when I got a saddle!

From those humble beginnings, I went on to show horses at a national level. I’ve had a boarding stable, given lessons, trained horses for other people, and run a feed store out of my garage.

Now, after raising my own three children and going to Cornell and getting a degree in Animal Science, I’m doing what I love most, writing.

I’d love to discuss your writing needs. Please contact me at authordebbiecurtis@gmail.com

Thanks so much!  Debbie :)