Customer Case Study Writer

Stories Sell!  I can write a compelling story of your customer’s happy experience that will help other consumers buy your product or service. Potential clients want to know how your product helped someone else overcome a problem. Telling a story about the customer’s journey from  their problem to their rewarding outcome will help convince others to use your product. Whether you sell roofing or software, are a wedding planner or a real estate agent, a design firm or a physical therapist, customer case studies are a tool that can be used in many, many, ways to influence consumers.

Once you have a great story to tell, the customer case study is a very versatile marketing tool. For instance, you could feature it on your web site, in company newsletters, in direct marketing, or include it in a webinar for prospects.

A customer case study can also be used to train new sales reps, or included in press releases, contributed articles, or sales presentations. Why not include your success in annual reports, public-service announcements, or social media?

How does it work? I’ll work with both you and your satisfied client to create a 1-2 page story of how your company solved their problem, and write an engaging story that will help the next buyer gain confidence in your product or service. Potential buyers can more easily relate to and remember a story, which makes them more effective in marketing than white papers or product brochures.

With my background in both fiction and writing articles about local businesses, I have the skills to show your potential customers the benefits of using your products. Let’s get together today and discuss your case study needs. We can chat at 607-220-7736, or drop me a line at