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Freelance Writer Debbie Curtis

Freelance Writer and Equine Journalist Debbie Curtis. 

Palomino Hill Writing Services

Debbie Curtis,

Freelancer, Equine Journalist

Going full-time was a long road, with several starts and stops, but it’s all good now! I’m in the middle of a huge marketing push, using direct mail, email, and cold calling, plus actually visiting local businesses. Well, I’m visiting them as soon as the snow from this nor’easter goes away!

I’ve been playing with infographics, and am using them in my sales literature. Kinda fun!

I also offer copywriting, brochures, newsletters, articles, ghostwriting, and other forms of B2B and B2C material.

Also, it is time I stepped up to my true first love, (even before I was a writer). Horses. I’ve added Equine Journalist to my list of talents, and will be dishing up plenty of articles to pitch to the editors of equine publications. It’s time I took advantage of my decades of experience with horses, and my Cornell Animal Science degree, to craft articles about horse health, training, nutrition, and barn management.